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Own your data,

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The easiest and fastest way to securely exchange exactly the data you want, and no more…



  Who owns your privacy ?  

  Who are you for thousands of compagnies ?  

  How much is your privacy worth ?  

  How much is your data worth








For the first time, you aggregate the view of who globally access your data & for which functionality

You are able in 1 click to revoke the access to your data or to stop one functionality (algorithm, scoring, ads, newsletter,…)

GDPRConnect is the best way for customers to share securely their own data to commercial companies.

Since they decide to share their information, or not... people will keep their privacy strictly secured.

Due to International and European regulation (GDPR), companies have to strictly adopt process to manage customer data. GDPR Connect is the best, and easiest way to get information and explicit agreement.

It is secure and regulatory compliant.

Easy to understand

Easy to use

Easy to share

Totally free for users

Secured by Blockchain

Blockchain technology is an open, secure and crypted global ledger

Blockchain is a peer to peer decentralized network

There’s no middle man between you and your privacy: You own your data

Blockchain is a societal revolution